Wogger feels strongly that the protection of the personal details of the users, visitors, customers, and subscribers of its website is of great importance for its operation. Wogger operates
Your data as used by Wogger (the "personal data") is therefore treated securely with utmost care. Wogger complies with all applicable legal requirements, including the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. Wogger is responsible for processing personal data. You can always contact Wogger at

Provision of personal data

The starting point for Wogger is that provision of personal data to Wogger is not compulsory. At all times you have the choice whether to provide personal data or not. It is not necessary to provide personal data for some Wogger services, but for some other services we do require personal data. Whenever data entry is requested, we indicate what data is necessary for you to use the service, and what data is optional.

Types of data and purposes of processing

Wogger may process personal data when it provides services. This data might be your name, contact details, date of birth, and email address. Financial data is also processed if you order products on the website or if you subscribe to paid services, insofar as this data is necessary for payment of the respective products of subscriptions. The Wogger servers additionally collect certain other types of data automatically, such as URL, IP address, the browser and its language, and the date and time of your visit.
Wogger collects and processes personal data through the websites it operates for the following purposes:

  • Creation and execution of the agreement made with you, and to offer, provide, and customise for your requirements and wishes the agreed services, products, and/or information.;
  • To allow you to post and exchange information on one of the websites, or, if the website so allows, to contact other users;
  • To send you a newsletter, offer, user information, service notification, or other electronic message;
  • To analyse, maintain, secure, and optimise its websites and accompanying technologies;
  • To comply with Wogger's legal requirements

Wogger retains your personal data in principle as long as this is necessary for the purposes listed above. Thereafter, your personal data may be retain for archiving purposes.


Wogger at all times maintains a level of security in processing personal data that, according to current technical specifications, is sufficient to prevent unauthorised access to, change, publication, or loss of personal data.

Transfer, access, modification, and deletion of personal data

Wogger strives to be transparent about the way in which it uses your personal data. This statement on privacy and cookies contributes to that goal. If you have any other questions about the way in which Wogger uses your personal data, you can always send a message to or to Wogger, Orchideestraat 14, 5402 XN Uden, The Netherlands, with the subject 'privacy'.
You can also send a message to the address listed above if you want to know what personal data of yours is kept, if you want to modify data, or if you want data to be removed according to the relevant regulations. You can also indicate that you no longer want your personal data to be provided to a group company or third parties, for targeted advertisements, or for sending you information and offers by email or post. In case Wogger cannot establish, wholly or partially, to what personal data your request for access, modification, or deletion pertains, Wogger may ask you to (further) specify your request. Wogger suspends the execution of your request until you have provided this (further) specification. Wogger will always send you a confirmation upon execution of your request.
Wogger will cease the use of your data for the purposes you have indicated as soon as possible, and, in case of a request for deletion or modification of data, will delete or modify the relevant personal data, unless Wogger is bound by legal requirements to retain the relevant personal data or there are (other) urgent reasons not to delete data.
Wogger additionally allows you to access and modify your own personal data, and personal data you entered on the website yourself can be removed through the available means.

Account conditions

  • You must be 16 years or older to use this service.
  • You must be human. Subscriptions registered by "bots" or other automated methods are not allowed.
  • You must use your full legal name, valid email address, and relevant other data during the application process.
  • You have personal responsibility for maintaining the security of your account and password.
  • Wogger cannot and will not held responsible for loss or damage to your non-compliance with this requirement.
  • A person or legal entity cannot hold more than one free account.
  • Using this service for illegal or unlawful purposes (including violation of copyright) is not allowed.

Amendments to privacy policy

Wogger retains the right to amend its privacy policy. Wogger advises you to check this page regularly to be aware of changes. If Wogger makes substantial changes to the privacy policy, this will be marked clearly, for example by email for selected services.