Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Terms and conditions for access and registration.
Wogger is accessible to anyone registering as a visitor. You agree to these terms and conditions during registration.

Article 2. Permission to send emails
By registering and filling in the required fields you, as user, give Wogger permission to send you emails, for example confirmations, invitations, and service messages.

Article 3. Confidentiality of personal data
Wogger safeguards the confidentiality of the data you provide during registration. A number of safety measures are in place to guarantee this, protecting both your log in and personal data against third party infringement.

Article 4. Privacy
We refer you to Wogger's Privacy Policy and the Declaration of Privacy at http://www.wogger.info/home/privacy

Artikel 5. Disclaimer
For more information on cookies and responsibility we refer you to the disclaimer available at http://www.wogger.info/home/disclaimer

Article 6. Rules
Posting sexist, pornographic, racist, and discriminating content on Wogger is prohibited, as is making insulting, defamatory, or hurtful comments. Wogger cannot be held liable for the contributions of users. Contentions, opinions, and expressions part of user contributions on Wogger are posted individually, and for your own risk and responsibility.

Article 7. User rights
By posting content, the user guarantees possession of all intellectual property rights and absolves Wogger of liability from third parties. The user gives Wogger the unrestricted right to publish and copy this content.

Article 8. Wogger's rights
Wogger retains the right to publish, modify, refuse, or remove posted content, and at all times has the right to remove prohibited content directly and to block user accounts.

Article 9. Applicable law
If different translations of this user agreement conflict, the text of the Dutch version will apply.
If any clause in this user agreement is void or voidable, all other clauses will remain applicable unabridged.
Dutch law applies to this user agreement. Disputes arising from the interpretation of the user agreement will exclusively be submitted to a qualified Dutch judge.

Article 10. Complaints
It goes without saying that Wogger does everything in its power to provide its service to you. If, despite this, you are dissatisfied about something, we ask you to send an email to: contact@wogger.info