Share the best moments of your life, like your wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and pregnancy

Wogger ensures communication within each group

Some examples are:
Own group

Wogger is the online social network where people can set up closed groups exchange information such as news, events, and albums. Information you share is only visible to your own members.

Pages including text and photos

Photo albums with slideshow

Wogger on a mobile phone
Wogger on a mobile phone
Wogger on a mobile phone

News with notifications

Events with attendance

Own design

Apply your own design to the group you created and personalise your page. You can decide the colours, the font, and the look of the pages in your group.

Determine colors

Choose font

Wogger on a laptop
Wogger on a laptop
Wogger on a laptop

Your own logo

Your photo as background


Create photo albums and share your photos with all your members. Give your group an extra dimension by letting members upload photos and give them a description of the photo.

Slideshow for during the party

Create your own photo albums

Wogger on an iPad
Wogger on an iPad
Wogger on an iPad

Let members upload photos

Photos with description

Use Wogger to share information, news, and images with a group you create for the people you choose

Available on all your favorite devices

Wogger can be used through the website and with a mobile app. Click the website to start using Wogger, or go to the Apple or Play Store to download the Wogger Mobile App.

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Apple App Store